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Illinois is an "Excellent" Tax Lien Certificate State.  The Redemption Period is only (2) Years and there are (102) One Hundred and Two Counties in the State of Illinois.  While it offers buyers a Tax Lien Certifcate at the time of Purchase, the (ROI) Return on Investment or the amount of Interest Earned (18% Annually or 36%, subject to the two-year redemption period) makes it a bit more attractive for Tax Sale Buyers or Investors.  According to the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the current population is 12,910,409.  Comparitively, the total population of the U.S. is 307,006,550.


Most Sales or Properties for Delinquent (back/unpaid) Taxes in the State of Illinois are conducted in the latter part of the year.  Illinois is a bid-down state and it offers Buyers and Investors the opportunity to earn up to 36% Interest over a two-year period, subject to the two-year redemption period.  Potential bidders are required to register about a month in-advance of the actual sale date, and sales are generally open to the Pubic as well.

From time-to-time, the State of Illinois may also offer Tax Lien Certificates on Delinquent Properties to interested Buyers and Investors.  Be Sure to visit our Members-Only Section for online County Information regarding buying Delinquent Tax Sale Properties (via Tax Lien Certificates) via Public Auctions throughout the State.


Click-Here  to view our Exclusive (TSL-Tax Sale Links) for available County Contact Information for County Tax Collectors and Upcoming Tax Lien Certificate/Deed Sales online-Information for the Great State of Illinois.  Click-Here To Sign-Up/Register Today.



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