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The DTSL, LLC Exclusive Nationwide Real Estate Property Auctions Database Members-Only Section (For Informational Purposes Only) is  for "Premium Subscribers: Members". Upon Registration/Sign-Up, members will be able to access DTSL, LLC Internal "Exclusive" Database for Tax Foreclosure Properties and (REO) - Bank Owned Properties that are being Auctioned/Sold by Major Auction Companies throughout the United States.  This Exclusive Information will assist "members-only" with locating  "A GoldMine of Information and Potential Opportunties" regarding Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales: Properties Sold for Back Taxes and Tax Lien Certificate Sales, and REO/Bank Owned Properties (including REOs available for sale from the categories listed below).



(REO) Real Estate Owned-Bank Owned Properties are properties which are now owned by various Banks/Lenders due to unpaid Loans/Mortgage Payment(s).  These are properties that are available for sale to the general public (Home-Buyers, Investors, or other individuals who are interested in owning REOs and Bank Owned Properties). Finally, REOs/Bank Owned Properties may be also acquired at reasonble amounts and sometimes at-amazingly discounted prices.

(REO) Real Estate Owned, Lender Foreclosed, ir Bank Owned Properties may be acquired or purchased through anyone of the listed categories below.

  • Asset Management Companies
  • Attorneys-at-Law
  • Auction Companies
  • Banks/Credit Unions 
  • Licensed Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Private Lenders/Owners of REOs
  • Real Estate Consultants/Professionals ____  

What Are Tax Foreclosed Properties (Tax Sale Properties)?

Properties Sold to the General Public due to unpaid or delinquent Real-Estate Property Taxes.  Properties are Sold Over-the-Counter, through the mail, or at a Public Sale (Auction-Style) to Buyers and Investors Nationwide.





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