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Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC, a Professional and Courteous Real Estate Consultant and Real Estate Investment Co., also referred to herein as, DTSL, provides premium-based membership access to and use of this website "Exclusively" to (subscribers or paid-in-full) registerd members-only, subject to the following terms and conditions.

All rights, including without limitation to, logo and copyright, etc., in the form and content of this website, portal/url are owned by Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC,  unless otherwise stated.  With respect to DTSLs' logo and copyright materials, etc., (including all or similarly identifiable company marks or identifiers or otherwise), or any other proprietary rights of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC contained in this website, it is hereby acknowledged and understood that this sites' contents shall not be utilized in anyway, including, without limitation to,  advertising, marketing,  or publicity with respect to the distribution or dissemination of any of the information contained within this website; and it is furthermore, hereby acknowledged and understood that this Information found within this website does not constitute an expressed nor implied offer to purchase or sell property (Real, Personal, or otherwise), and all of the information is subject to change without prior notice.

This website (http://www.delinquenttaxsales.com) and all related "Exclusive Databases", Spreadsheets, or Pages, etc,  and all information contained herein, (including, without limitation to, icons, images, logos, names, or pictures), related to Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC directly or indirectly, is provided without any representation, endorsement or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, (by law or otherwise).  Any individual-person(s), groups, club-organization company, or otherwise utilizing this information within this website hereby agrees that the information is being utilized at his/her/their own risk.  It is also hereby acknowledged and understood that you agree that DTSL in no circumstances at all shall be responsible nor liable for any losses or damages, regardless of the circumstances, conditions, or situation, whether it be persona, business-related, or othewise, including without limitation to, direct or indirectly related losses, consequential losses or damages, or losses of profit, losses based on expected or anticipated gains or returns of Investments, losses arising from use or loss of use, losses arising from any, directly or indirectly related, errors or omissions with regards to the information contained herein or referred to within this website, whether for breach of contract, due to any claim- negligence, delict, or tort, etc. 

The information and material contained in this Site are provided to you for information purposes only without regard to any particular user's investment objectives, financial situation, or means, and does not constitute and are not intended to constitute a public offer nor a solicitation to sell or solicit an offer to buy, deal, sell, trade, or othewise, any securities or real property (stocks, bonds, properties, etc.), or in any other investment, with respect to all applicable laws within these United States of America, and related territories.  It is furthermore hereby acknowledged and understood that DTSL does not provide engage in any predatory practices of any kind whatsoever, nor do we provide services or engage in business in any area whereby it is prohibited, according to the laws within the particular area, region, or jurisdiction.

You agree that you are (18) Eighteen-Years of age or Older and/or that you have received Expressed Permission from (a) (the) or (your) Parent or Legal Guardian to use, view, and/or to-sign-up to access the Information/Data found herein -on this website- and that your use of this website is strictly voluntary.


You agree that you have COMPLETELY and FULLY read this DISCLAIMER in its' entirety, and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth herein, including our: "No Refund Policy".


You agree that you completely and fully understand and acknowledge that (DTSL) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is NOT acting nor serving in an advisory capacity, nor are we acting as or on-behalf of a Realty-Firm, Real-Estate Company, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, nor any of its' or their affiliates; and you furthermore agree that your use of the information or data found herein is for Informational Purposes Only.



Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC nor any of its' affiliates, or subsidiaries, etc. does not  guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the Information/Data on this website and shall not be liable for any losses or gains caused by such reliance on the accuracy or inaccuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information, including, but not limited to, incidental and consequential damages.  The information found here in does not aim nor attempt to address any members or otherwise specific needs, situation, nor cicumstances.  This information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property, non-infringement of third party rights, freedom of computer virus, or warranties of any other nature; and the information contained within the contents of this website does not claim to be comprehensive in cotent, absolutely complete, accurate, or up to date, and is in no way a substitute for legal advice, which should be sought via a Competent, Qualified, and Licensed Attorney-at-Law.

The contents of this site may include technical, factual or other inaccuracies and/or typographical errors. Portions of this data may be incorrect or obsolete. Any person or entity relying on any information obtained from this website does so at his or her own risk.  Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC nor any of its' affiliates or subsidiaries shall not be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from use of or reliance upon information contained on this website.

In addition, nothing contained within this website constitute official information, official data, nor official records for any of the States, Counites, Cities, Towns, or Jurisdictions, etc.  The General Public may review official records or data only by visiting and/or contacting the Official Tax Collectors', the Official Tax Assessors', the Official County Clerks' Office, the Official Court House/City or County Clerk, etc., or by visiting or contacting each respective official office of records  in the jurisdiction where the property or parcel is located, or where specific sales are conducted (e.g., Offiicial Tax Sales, Official Sheriff Sales, Official Sale of Properties due to Delinquent Taxes or Pending Foreclosure Sales, etc.).



(DTSL, LLC) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC Website/Portal/URL is a membership fee-based service that offers, For Informational Purposes OnlyReal-Estate Information and Data which focuses on, but not limited to, Real Estate Investment Properties, Real Estate Investment Offers and Real Estate Opportunities.  We provide access (via Hyperlinks, Newsletters, Important Electronic Transmissions-Email Updates/Email Alerts, etc.) regarding the aforementioned, and For Informational Purposes Only, and for review and consideration, to subscribed members-only.  Our members may include, but not limited to the following: Novice and Seasoned Real Estate Investors, Home-Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Real Estate Brokers, and other Real Estate Professionals (e.g., Builders, Entreprenuers, and Prospective Individuals within the General Public).  


Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC (DTSL), a Registered Georgia based Limited Liability Company, is an Independent Real-Estate (Non-Broker-Non-Agent and Non-Realtor) Investment Company which was created, established, formed, and founded by G.D. Haizlip, President and Founder.  Mr. Haizlip has consolidated and compiled an exceptional amount of Government Auctions, Real Estate Investing Information,  Government Real Estate Delinquent Tax Sale Investing Info., and other data that he has personally collected and independently thoroughly researched, and placed it on a number of his Exclusive Databases found here on his website at (http://www.delinquenttaxsales.com) so that paid-subscribers or paid-members can have a convenient and quick means via the web to access the aforementioned data/info. (for a nominal fee) and For Informational Purposes Only - and find or access Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities or Offers.




The Company focuses on the Management of Properties, Purchasing of Unimproved or Improved Vacant Lands or Parcels, and the Acquisition of Real-Property (Real-Estate) through, but not limited to, the following:  Tax Sales, Private Real-Estate Sales, Government Auctions, Pre-Foreclosures, Bank Repossessions, Bank Foreclosures, Mortgage Foreclosures, and various other means of purchasing or acquiring Real-Estate or Real-Property, as deemed necessary and appropriate, being subject to the Real Property Statutes, Laws, Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and Processes which govern the sale of, transfer of, or the buying and selling of Real-Property or Real-Estate. 


We do not endorse, verify, nor validate information or data found or discovered on other websites, web-based-services, or entities; nor do we claim to be in anyway associated, affiliated, or in direct-partnership with any of the established companies, websites, links, or hyperlinks created within our database(s). 

Always Remember:


Always Consult a Licensed, Qualified and Competent Attorney-at-Law for any questions, concerns or legal issues - regarding Investing/Buying/Selling of Real Property (Real-Estate) or Other Personal Property Such As (Cars, Boats, Jewelry, Planes, etc.).


Buyer Beware/Caveat Emptor!  All Investors, Individuals, Real-Estate-Professionals, Financial-Advisors, Consultants, Other Professionals, Home-Buyers, etc. are encouraged to Carefully Assess Data, Physically/Visually Inspect Property, Contact the Appropriate Private or Government Officials or Offices, and Thoroughly Check the Validity of any data/information here within, elsewhere – or other Investment Offers or Opportunities before making any Investment-Decisions or Financial-Obligations. 


Corporate-Office: (DTSL) Delinquent Tax-Sale Lands, LLC  • 2767 Windy Hill Road #632 • 

Mail to: P.O. Box 194, Union City, GA 30291 •  Attn: GDH, President/Founder •  Marietta GA 30067-8611



From time-to-time, the Website, Content, Pages, etc. may be down or inaccessible due to changes, upgrades, or updates being made, or other conditions beyond our control.  We are also not responsible for lost hyperlinks, links, or websites which may redirect subscribers or members to other links or websites.  Also, we do not provide technical support or assistance with regards to hardware or software.  Please contact/call a Computer Technician, Specialist, or the Toll-Free Number for your Computer Company for Technical Service or Assistance, if applicable, for all Computer related matters.  Unaccessable Links will be corrected or completely deleted if found to be no-longer available, as we are not responsible for such changes or conditions, which are subject to change without prior notice or warning.     



Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC (C.A.R.E.S) encourages all Investors, Buyers, Individuals, Interested-Parties, and Groups, etc. to:

(1) Consult the advice or recommendation of a Qualified, Competent, and Licensed Attorney-At-Law with regards to any Real Estate Laws, Issues, or concerns,

(2) Assess the Value of any piece/type of Real-Estate/Real-Property/Personal-Property Before Investing,

(3) Research/Inspect the Property thoroughly prior to Buying/Investing,

(4) Evaluate the Condition of the Property by Performing or Conducting an actual Physical Visual On-Site Inspection (site-visit) of the parcel(s) or property(ies).

(5) Survey the surrounding area or community to determine potential market price or sales value.

Caveat Emptor -or- Buyer Beware!  All Individuals, Investors, Buyers, etc. and interested parties alike are strongly encouraged to seek a qualified legal representative, as it may be deemed necessary, or the advice of a competent, knowledgeable, qualified and Licensed Attorney-at-Law – who is familiar with the Tax-Sales-Process, or any other offers (e.g, Government Auctions, etc.) which may be viewed on this website or any other links or sites, respectively, with regards to this fee-based service as offered. We strongly encourage, recommend, advise and/or suggest that all Investors, Individuals, Home-Buyers, Real-Estate-Professionals, and other parties, entities, etc. to Ask Questions, Thoroughly Research, Assess Property Data, and Inspect before You Invest.  We strongly encourage, recommend, advise and/or suggest that all individuals, parties, entities, etc. verify or validate the validity of any data or information found herein or via hyperlinks and consult the advice of a licensed, qualified and competent Attorney-at-Law for any and all legal-advice, issues, questions, concerns, or recommendations prior to making any financial decision, obligations, commitments - or prior to Investing in Real-Estate-Transactions, or other offers that may be of interest to you. 


We do believe; however, that the data, information, and resources found herein are deemed to be reliable; nevertheless (however), we do not guarantee the validity or the accuracy of any such information or data.  We strive on providing our subscribers or members with access to data and information that is available to the general public at large and that which is believed to be accurate, reliable, true and/or correct.  Some data or information, including website hyperlinks, portals, urls, etc., however, may be in error, removed, deleted, not-updated, and/or subject to change without our prior knowledge, notice, or warning.


You agree to access and use this Site only for legal, lawful, and moral purposes. You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and adherence to any and all laws, statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to your use of this Site.

 By Accessing This Site You Agree That:

  • You Will Not Alter, damage, nor delete any content posted or found on this site;
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  • You Will Not Collect, download, nor store personal information about others;
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The Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC has the right, but is not obligated, to monitor the content or information that you provide.  Although Delinquent Tax-Sale Lands, LLC cannot monitor all postings or activity on Sites, we reserve the right (but assume no obligation) to delete, move, edit, change, modify, or remove any postings that come to our attention that we consider unacceptable, inappropriate, illegal or unlawful, whether for legal or reasons that we believe serve in the best interest of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC and its' subscribers and/or members, including but not limited to the United States and foreign copyright laws and international agreements or conventions in order to protect the contents of this Site. You agree to abide by all copyright laws or notices.


Although the information, documents, products, services, or software, and related information, including images, pics, etc., found on this site are believed to be reliable and may be useful to the general public, DTSL, LLC makes no warranty, expressed nor implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness, either isolated nor in the aggregate, regarding any of the aforementioned specifics-information.  All information, documents, products, services, software, and related information, including images, pics, etc. are provided "as is" and all warranties of any kind, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, freedom from contamination by computer viruses, and non-infringement of proprietary rights, are hereby disclaimed. All parties (members, users, visitors, etc.) should exercise "Due Diligence" and "Caveat Emptor" - Buyer Beware.  Always seek the advice of a Competent, Qualified, and Licensed Attorney-at-Law regarding any legal questions, concerns, or issues regarding your specific situation or circumstances. DTSL reserves the right to make any changes, updates, additions, deletions, corrections, etc. at any time, without prior notice.  All partices who have accessed and/or obtained information from any of DTSLs'  pages via a source other than DTSL (exclusively) should always be cautious and aware that electronic data may be altered by third parties after its original distribution. Furthermore, lthough the information contained within this website maybe dated to some exent, we make every attempt to provide our members, etc. with the most accurate and up-to-date info.  We hereby encourage all interested parties (individuals, partners, companies, etc.) to always check or verify all data/information with the actual or original source(s). 

Disclaimer of Commitment to Provide Updated Data

DTSL, LLC recognizes the World Wide Web (Internet) has become a source of information for millions of people worldwide.  As such, this creates an environment whereby the general public must practice sound "Judgment" and "Caution" prior to designating or obligating him/herself to a financial online transaction, or otherwise.  Although, there are a number of  Internet Free-based sites; there are also just as many Internet-Fee-based websites (such as DTSL and other non-affiliated "Providers of Information".  These sites, including DTSL, has created a much more widely competive open and free market, and encourages the general public to treat each site as it would a "brick and mortar" operation - with respect to the products and/or services being offered.  DTSL fee-based site is very reasonable and price-conscious with respect to ones' ability to pay for this service.

Furthermore,  DTSL reserves the right to rearrange, change, add, delete, correct, amend, etc. any of the files, pages, or contents.  All parties hereby acknowledge and understand that use of this site is on a voluntary-basis only, and is at the sole-risk of the individual or parties willing to utilize this service, respectively.

DTSL makes no warranty, expressed nor implied, that this web site service will be error free, uninterrupted, or 100% accurate, timely, or correct at all times. The information, documents, software, products, services, and related graphics published on this site may contain typographical errors, unintentionally mistakes or errors, or technical problems, computer-server downtime, etc.  There are no known computer related issues such as virus, or technical issues that we are aware of that will impede with the use of this service.  DTSL reserves its' right to make any necessary changes with respect to the information on this web site at any time.


DTSL, LLC may provide parties with links/hyperlinks to, refer to, or offer content or information (believed DTSL strives and purposes to provide the most accurate, reliable, and true information or content-based data/materials) on its' website/portal "FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY", which may be supplied by or from a third party(ies) on/through DTSLs' website.  Any advice, content(s), information, offer(s), opinion(s), service(s), or statement(s), made available or expressed or implied by a third party is solely that of the third party and does not necessarily reflect the policy, practices, or viewpoint of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC. The inclusion of these resources is not, and should not be construed as, an endorsement by DTSL nor any of its' affiliates or subsiidiaries. These resources have not been rated for quality and no assumption of quality should be made. Any reference to a specific commercial service, process or product by manufacturer, trademark, trade name, or otherwise does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation of, for , or towards  that particular company or service by DTSL. 


All external website addresses, including urls, pages, links, hyperlinks, etc.) that are external or that are not managed, controlled, or operated by DTSL are provided as "Informational Purposes ONLY", and are in no way associated nor affiliated with DTSL.  All parties are strongly encouraged to read all internal/external website disclaimer(s) and/or privacy-policy.  Although, we aim to provide our members with the most reliable and accurate data or information, we are not resposible nor do we endorse external urls/websites/portals, etc.  Always check or verify the accuracy, correctness, and validity of the information being provided with the original source (whether it is a private, public, or governmental source).  "Due Diligence" should be engaged or acted-upon at all times.  DTSL does not warranty nor guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or correctness, of information via links or hyperlinks, or external websites; therefore, DTSL, hereby does not assume any liability for the accuracy, availability, reliability, or validity of any information on external web sites. Use of any information obtained from external web sites is strictly voluntary, and reliance on such information should only be considered ony with the advice of a Competent, Qualified, and/or Licensed Professional engaged in the area of expertise that is specific to your concerns or issues (e.g., Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent/Realtor, etc.). 


You fully and expressly acknowledge, understand, and agree that your exclusive and voluntary use of this Site, or any materials or information or data available on this Site, is At Your Own Risk and strictly For Informational Purposes Only.

Neither Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC nor its employees warrant that this Site will be uninterrupted, problem-free, free of omissions, or error-free; nor do we make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of this Site or other sites respectively. The content and function of this Site are provided to you "as is," without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, or "correctness.”



Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC along with its affiliates, associates or employees, if any, does not  discriminate Against Individuals or Groups due to race, religion or spiritual affiliation, creed, color, gender or sex, age, origin or place or birth, or against persons with disabilities, as set forth by U.S. Federal and State Laws.








In no event will Delinquent Tax-Sale Lands, LLC or its employees, affiliates, associates, if any, be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages, arising out of your use of or inability to use this Site, including without limitation to loss of revenue or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other damages.



Memberships will be automatically renewed using the information on-file, if applicable, and all Credit or Debit Card Holders will be notified of their Renewal (Fee) or (Payment).



Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC shall maintain the right(s) to modify these Terms and Conditions of Website-Use and may do so by posting notice of such modifications or changes on this page. Any modification or changes shall be effective immediately upon posting the modification, unless otherwise stated.  No other parties, individuals, etc. may modify or change the terms and conditions of this agreement (terms and conditions) or (Disclaimer) as set forth herein without the expressed written consent of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC.  Your continued use of this Site following the posting of any modification signifies your acceptance of such modification. You should periodically visit this page to review the current Terms and Conditions of Website-Use - as Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is not responsible nor obligated to inform or notify you of any changes which may or may not be in effect at the time of you agreeing to the terms and conditions (Disclaimer-Privacy Policy) of this Website.



Some links on the Site lead to websites that are not controlled or operated by the Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC.  Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC does not own, operate, nor control these websites; nor do we review or control their content(s), data, or information. Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC provides hyperlinks, or other links to subscribers for convenience and for Informational Purposes Only.   These links are not an endorsement of a company, person, Individual, products, services, or information, and do not imply an association nor affiliation with Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC and the operators, owners, or affiliates (partners) of the linked or hyperlinked websites.



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(DTSL) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC  Internet-Based Service and/or products (version-v2010-2020) is offered "Exclusively" by Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC - a Georgia based Limited Liability Company. 


This Website is strictly intended, FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, to aid Individual Investors and other interested parties in locating various types of Government Auctions and Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale Opportunities throughout the United States.  Although all the of the data or information herein is believed to be accurate, true or correct, some of the data or information, however, is subject to change without prior notice or warning.  Also, the data or information herein is not purposed nor intended to serve as legal advice or recommendations, nor Investment Advice of any sort, but rather for Informational Purposes Only. In addition, we are not liable for any losses (financial or otherwise) regarding any Private or Government Sponsored Auctions, Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales, or any other Information or materials presented, offers, financial offers, or otherwise.



"NO REFUND POLICY":  There are No Refunds allowed or Permitted.


With Respect towards all prospective members, Regrettfully, (DTSL) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC DOES NOT issue nor offer refunds.  We strongly urge prospective members to carefully consider this policy prior to registering/signing-up for our service.  We believe in providing the most accurate and reliable data possible; however, due to situations or circumstances beyond our control, we may not have access to data or information which is most current.  Please contact us at the Email Address below with any questions, concerns, suggestions, updates, or changes that you believe should be added to our database(s) or website. 


CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP/CANCELLATIONS):  Please contact us within 30-Days of the End of  your Membership, if applicable, should you desire to Cancel your Membership.  Membership Cancellations does not constitue A-Refund.  DTSL shall discountiinue/cancel your membership with respect to any/all future General Related Information/Newsletters/Email Updates/Alerts, etc.


For Faster Service Email Us At:      CustServ@delinquenttaxsales.com 

On other occasions, Subscribers or Prospective Members may be contacted to Renew Membership, as deemed necessary or required.  Our Current Phone Number: (404) 429-1924.



Specifically, you agree that you will not utilize email addresses obtained through using Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLCs’ website to communicate or transmit the same or substantially similar unsolicited message to 10 or more recipients in a single day, nor 20 or more emails in a single week (7-consecutive days), unless it is required for legitimate legal or business purposes.  Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC, at its sole and exclusive discretion, may and will determine violations of the limitations on email usage as set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Website-Use, or otherwise.



Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC, at its sole discretion, may at any time terminate or suspend your access and useage, including UserID and Password, of this Site without notice and for any reason, including for violation of these Terms and Conditions of Website-Use or for other conduct which  Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC, at its sole discretion, believes is illegal or unlawful or harmful to Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC, its' subscribers, members, or others. In the event of termination or suspension, being that you are no longer authorized to access the Site, Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC will use whatever means possible to enforce this termination and/or suspension, as deemed necessary.

Your access to and use of the (DTSL, LLC) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC databases-portal-urls, or website(s) at: http://www.delinquenttaxsales.com, http://www.delinquenttaxsales.com/main.html, http://www.delinquenttaxsales.com/index.php?pr=Home_Page, including all databases, pages, etc., is subject to the following terms and conditions of this agreement as well as all applicable International and U.S. Laws.  Your access to the Site is in consideration of your agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Use and the receipt of the required membership fee for access to this site(s), contents and/or Informational-Based Databases and all other Data as provided or stated herein (whether you are a subscribed-registered user or not); however, to access the Members Only Databases, all prospective members shall (required to) or must register or sign-up. Upon Sign-Up, a Unique UserID and Password will be Emailed to all registered subscribers/users who have "Paid-In-Full" the required or currently advertised membership fee, payment or advertised fee-amount.  By accessing, browsing, and using this Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these Terms and Conditions.
There are sections of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC website that will connect (re-direct) you to websites outside of the control of DTSL, LLC.  These terms and conditions apply to those areas that are registered under the name of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC and all or any of its' subsidiaries.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions (Privacy-Disclaimer Policy) or Terms of Use for those sites outside of the control of Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC.

Web-Based Corporate Contact Information


For Faster E-Mail Service:          custserv@delinquenttaxsales.com

For Contact By-Phone Service:   404-429-1924

For Contact By-Mail Service:      P.O. Box 194, Union City, GA 30291-7167


On other occasions, Subscribers or Prospective Members may be contacted to Renew Membership, as deemed necessary or required.

Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is a Limitied Liability Company, based outside of the beautiful City of Atlanta, GA.  The Company is a Privately Owned and Independently Managed Company (Not-Agent and Non-Broker and Non-Realtor: Family-Owned and Operated Business) which offers "paid registered members-only" access to "A GoldMine of Information" - for Real Estate Buyers, Investors, Developers, and Entrepreneurs Throughout the World.  Our online website (portal) requires a modest premium (or fee) to join.  Upon receipt of the required paid-fee, a  required unique Userid and Password will be assigned and generated to your registered email address).  Paid Members may also contact us by-phone or U.S. Mail for UserId and Passoword Information. (DTSL) Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is, arguably, the #1 Best Real Estate (Informational Provider) Website of its' kind in the World.  It is, undoubtedly, the Gateway for Real Estate Information or Potentially Profitable Deals - where  Buyers and Investors, etc., may find info. for opportunities being Offered for Pennies-on-the-Dollar, or for little Start-up Capital or Investment Dollars. 
Enjoy the Site, and Much Success As You Invest!

  I Accept the Terms and Conditions of this Disclaimer As Set forth Herein.
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   (IMPORTANT): If You Do Not Agree to the Terms and Conditions as described herein please Do-Not register/sign-up for this service.  You may also contact-us with your questions or concerns (see contact info).



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