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From The Desk of the President


by G.D. Haizlip, President/Creator/Founder


Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is where Real Estate Buyers/Investors "Invest with Success".    Our online services provide subscribed members (premimum membership required) with access to information regarding Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales, REO-Bank Foreclosures, BPOs-Broker Priced Opinions, Government Foreclosed Homes, and much more.   Below, is my Introductory Letter/Article to prospective readers and members regarding Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales.  Enjoy and Much Success As You Invest, GDH  

Welcome to the World of Real Estate Tax Sale Investing

"Secrets to Successful Tax-Sale Investing"

Real Estate Tax Sales are government sponsored sales or auctions held throughout the United States by County and Local Governments or a designated Official (e.g., Ex-Officio-Sheriff). Governments may also contract with an Auction-Company, Law-Firm, or a Licensed Attorney-At-Law to perform these services as well. When tax-sales are conducted, Real-Property (Real-Estate) is offered for sale via Tax Liens, Tax Certificates, Sheriff Deeds, or Tax Deeds for which various amounts of Interest can be earned, or in which Real Estate Property is sold - subject to a Redemption Period, or "Free and Clear". Typically, Tax-sales can be attended by the general public-both Buyers and Investors (from all walks of life). Primarily, counties and various jurisdictions throughout the United States offer these opportunities to the general public in order to recover lost revenues due to defaulted-taxes or non-payment of Taxes or fees on, but not limited to, the following categories:

Water and Sewer Taxes/Fees   Individual or Residential Property Taxes

Businesses or Commercial Property Taxes   Personal Property Taxes (e.g., cars, boats, etc.)

Real Estate Tax Sale Investing is a way in which Individual and Institutional Investors can Purchase or Acquire Real-Estate and earn Great Rates of Returns or Interest on Money Invested into government-mandated Tax-Sale-Programs. When Investors participate in Tax-Sales essentially they are paying (back-taxes) the government money that it expected to generate or receive sometime ago, primarily from delinquent Tax-payers or past-due accounts. When these taxes remain unpaid, the "government" is required to enforce the "Tax-Sale-Laws" of that state, respectively. The Tax-Sale-Collection or Delinquent Real-Estate Enforcement-Laws  are intended to both reduce or eliminate the increasing number of delinquent accounts and to recover forgone revenues. As such, the Government regularly offers or sells, to the highest or winning bidder, the overdue-back-taxes or the real-estate-property to buyers or Investors. Furthermore, in exchange for Investing in Tax-Sale-Programs, Investors can earn Interest (money-earned over a period of time), or they could gain controlling interest of the real-property (real-estate) that is being sold or offered for sale. Again with emphasis, "Governments" sell Tax-Liens, Tax-Certificates, Deeds, or Real-Property to Investors or to the general public in order to recover lost revenues (taxes) on Commercial Property, Residential Property, Personal Property; Water and Sewer Delinquent Accounts, and other taxable items. Tax-Sales help generate revenues not received or collected as the result of past-due, delinquent, or non-payment of taxes.

When governments auction, sell, or offer Tax Sale Certificates, Deeds or Liens, as a Buyer or Investor, you can Invest (purchase - buy - bid) as little money or as much money as you desire.  Also, there are various types of Real-Estate offered at Delinquent Real Estate Tax-Sales.  Property types may include:

  • Commercial Land
  • Commercial Property
  • Condominiums
  • Government Property
  • Home-Sites
  • Mineral Rights
  • Mobile Homes
  • Multi-Family Units
  • Residential Lots
  • Single Family Homes
  • Time Shares
  • Town Homes
  • Vacant Lots
  • Vacation Resorts

As with most Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales or Auctions, the lien, certificate, deed, or property is offered or sold to the winning or highest-bidder.  Also, based on the guidelines or laws of the state(s), the process to acquire, bid-on, or to purchase real-property being sold or auctioned varies (from state-to-state). As a buyer/Investor, it is therefore, very important that these guidelines (rules), statutes or laws are understood–prior to participating in a Tax Sale or Auction. The Laws or Statutes (guidelines, rules or regulations) that govern the Tax Sale Process are very complicated and often difficult to find. We do not expect or anticipate that Tax-Sale-Laws will be any less complicated or more simplified in the near future. However, for your convenience, our Exclusive-Offer promises that our Tax Sale Legal Database (premium-based membership-required) will serve as a quick-reference (for Informational Purposes ONLY) and provide you with a quick means to access many of the laws or statutes which govern the Tax Sales Process - for practically almost every state in the U.S.

Here's: A Special Note:

Do-Not Forget the Tax-Sale-Investors Golden-Rule: "Caveat-Emptor" or Buyer-Beware.

Always Contact a Professional, Competent, Qualified & Licensed Attorney-At-Law for Legal Advice.

Sample- DTSL-Exclusive Tax Sale Legal-Statute Database

State of Georgia


Georgia Public Revenue Code: Title 48


State of Delaware


Delaware Code Online: Title 9

(Chap. 87-Collection of Delinquent Taxes, SC II)

State of Hawaii


Hawaii Revised Statutes Title 14

(Chapter 246-1 through 246-63)

 This Website & All of the Databases were Created by DTSL, LLC for Informational Purposes Only.

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        DTSL, LLC "Exclusive" Tax Sale Legal Database-Now Available!

Unfortunately, Many Investors make the ultimate mistake of believing that Tax Sale Laws are the same in every state, county or jurisdiction. Contrary to that belief, which is NOT the case at all, Tax Sale Laws actually do vary, and each state typically has a slightly different process and different procedures for handling the Tax Sales Process.

You will find, for example, in the state of Georgia, a Tax Lien State (which has 159 Counties), that Tax Sales are held on the first Tuesday of each Month. More importantly, depending on the county in Georgia, Tax Sales or Auctions are conducted (by some Counties) either monthly, yearly, or periodically throughout the year. Also, although Georiga is a Tax Lien state, successful bidders (Buyers/Investors) are issued a Sheriffs'-Deed, subject to the one-year redemption period. Remember, Georgia Tax Sales (Tax Lien Sales) have a mandatory one-year Redemption-Period on real-property. After the mandated one-year Redemption-Period, the Tax Sale Buyers or Investors must foreclose on the lien - if they want to own the property.

However, Florida (which has 67 Counties) conducts an Annual Tax-Certificate Sale every June, and Certificates can also be purchased at any time over-the-counter or On-line (after the initial Tax Lien Certificate Sale). Florida, unlike Georgia, offers Tax Lien Certificates that carry a mandatory two-year Redemption-Period on the Real Estate (property or parcel) that is being offered, subject to the redemption period. After the two-year redemption period, in order to get a Deed of Ownership, or to own or purchase property being sold in Florida, you must attend and participate in any of the regularly held Tax Deed Sales conducted by the County where the property is located, which are scheduled accordingly by County Officials. Many of Florida Tax Deed Sales are initiated when a Tax Deed Application is submitted to the Tax Deeds' Office/Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county where the property or parcel is located.

Note: Tax Deed Applications may be submitted by Florida County Officials or an Individual or Institutional Buyer or Investor who has bought or acquired a  Florida Tax Lien Certificate.  Additionally, some states or county officials may hold Special Tax Sales.

 Now, let's Take-A-Look at this "Playbook" illustration below:

Tax Sale Laws are symbolic of a "Playbook."

For Tax-Sale Investors the Tax-Sale Playbook may prove to be an invaluable tool-A playbook is basically a reference-manuel to help guide you and/or your team to Invest with Success. Specifically, it should guide, assist, or help you to:

#1  Avoid Costly Financial Mistakes, Mishaps, or Pitfalls

#2  Build-up Confidence and provide a Better Understanding of the Process 

#3  Capitalize on Real Estate Tax Sale Investment Opportunities

#4  Develop A Successful Investment Strategy to "Invest with Success" 

"Real Estate Tax Sale Investors Invest For Success"

 Generally speaking, the game-plan or rules that they must follow are revealed in the various states' statutes or laws - your "Secrets To Successful Tax Sale Investing". 

The Game Plan 

"First", Determine where you want to Invest:  This is a very important aspect of Successful Tax Sale Investing.  You should be very confident and comfortable in the area where you plan or desire to Invest your Money.  Also, by having some knowledge of the geographical area or region where you plan or desire to "Invest  with Success" will help you to:

1. Evaluate the facts, data or information about the property

2. Assess the value of Tax Sale Investment Opportunities (properties or parcels)

3. Conduct a thorough researched-based analysis of the property (real-factual data)

4. Inspect (visually inspect) properties or parcels in-person, if possible

Reminder: Determine Where You Want To Invest  

"Second", Determine the Countys’ Tax-Sale Schedule or Calendar:  Simply call, email, or write to the appropriate office. Like in sports, every team wants as many fans as possible to attend their scheduled games. Basically, this is the philiosphy with regards to Tax Sales nationwide.  Tax Sale Officials want as many people as possible to attend their Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales in their county, city, town, or jurisdiction. Ultimately, it increases the opportunity for them to reach their goal of reducing or eliminating the number of Delinquent Tax Accounts and restoring properties back to the active tax-roll.  As such, always ask for a copy of the County's Tax Sale Schedule or Calendar.  Equipped with this information, you should be able to easily arrange your schedule or calendar accordingly in order to attend or participate and Invest in their upcoming or future Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale(s) - where properties are sold for back taxes, and in some cases for "Pennies on the Dollar".

Also, keep this in mind: You may have to Call, Email, or even write Real Estate Tax-Sale Officials (Tax Collectors, Assessors, or Sheriffs' Office, etc.) to determine the exact Address or Location of the Sale (if attendance is required), Time of Sale,  Date of Sale, and for any other pertinent or necessary information. The challenge is, of course, contacting the right office. Finally, know that most Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales are conducted at the Countys' Courthouse-where the property that is being sold or offered for taxes is located (subject to any applicable laws).

Well, We Have More Great News For You!

We have Contact-Phone Numbers and Email-Addresses ready for Your Convenience, located on our Exclusive Databases (premium membership required). 

Reminder: Governments are required (must) develop

Tax Sale Schedules or Calendars.

"Third", Get a Copy of their Rule Book:  Sounds difficult right? Well, we have done some of the hard-work for you, by getting a copy of some of the Tax-Sale-Rules and some excerpts from state statutes. Also, our Exclusive Direct-Connect ™Tax-Sale-Links will connect you to almost every states' Tax-Sale-Laws (the rulebooks) that govern the Tax-Sales-Process, and links that will connect you to Actual Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales-where you can view information regarding Real Scheduled Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sales. The Tax-Sale-Process and Procedures will provide you or your team with invaluable insight and information into the Tax-Sales Process itself and Tax-Sale-Auctions. When you click-on a Direct-Connect ™Tax-Sale-Links, for example, you will be directed to one of the sites (for each state, respectively).  Once connected, you will find that many (not all) counties will provide you with specific Tax-Sales-Information, (e.g., property information, sale date, rules or regulations, special requirements, registration details, etc.), or other pertinent information that you may need to know prior to attending or participating in that particular Tax-Sale/Auction.  

Note: You may also want to be very Proactive by Calling or contacting them by Email or U.S. Mail for additional details or information that is not specifically posted on the web or Internet. 

Additionally, Get-Acquainted with the Laws (Statutes or Rules).  Specifically, you want to know the rules in the area where your Money or Dollars will be Invested.  As in sports, every player is familiar with the rules of the game. Like so, consider yourself a Tax-Sale-Player. It would ultimately benefit you and your team, (whether you are a beginner or not) to know the rules, so be familiar with them and have a game plan or strategy prior to the scheduled date of the Tax-Sale.

Once you have done this, you should now be ready or prepared to Apply Your Game Plan or Strategy for Successful Real Estate Tax-Sale Investing.  Not knowing the rules for the Tax-Sales Process can be very Expensive, Time-Consuming,  and Risky! 

The Statutes or laws, upon review, along with this guide "Secrets to Sucessful Tax-Sale Investing" should help the Tax-Sale Buyer or Investor to Invest with Success.

Reminder: Get A Copy of Their Rule Book

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The Conclusion 


For your convenience, those of you that are a bit intrigued and savvy enough to Invest Over-the-Internet, you will be able to find a few Deliquent Real Estate Tax Sales online at BID4ASSETS.com.   All County Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale Information may not necessarily be available online; however,  because of the convenience, cost-savings benefits, and the speed of the Internet, we hope that you will JOIN-TODAY our growing number of ONLINE MEMBERS who are benefitting from our Exclusvie Tax Sale Databases  which will Directly-Connect you to MANY of these Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale Opportunities - and much, much, more.  Click-Here for Additional Details.

Finally, so whether you are a newbie or beginner, or a more experienced or seasoned (Real Estate Tax Sale Buyer or Investor), there are an enormous number of opportunities waiting just for you, so get involved in the game of "Investing in Government Real Estate Tax Sales" and: Make As Much Money As You Desire!

 IMPORTANT: A Special Note:  Do-Not Forget the Tax-Sale-Investors Golden-Rule: "Caveat-emptor" or Buyer-Beware.  

Always Contact a Professional, Competent, Qualified & Licensed Attorney-At-Law for Legal Advice.

Delinquent Tax Sale Lands, LLC is a Limited Liability Company, based just outside of Atlanta, GA.  The Company is a Privately Owned and Independently Managed Company (Not-Agent/Realtor: Family-Owned and Operated Business) which offers access to "A GoldMine of Information" for Real Estate Buyers, Investors, Developers, and Entrepreneurs throughout the world.  Our online website (portal) is a premium-based (userid and password required) membership-website.  It is, arguably, the #1 Real Estate (Informational Provider) Website of its' kind in the World.  It is, undoubtedly, the Gateway for Real Estate opportunities being offered for Pennies-on-the-Dollar, or for little start-up Capital or Investment Dollars.  Enjoy the Site, and Much Success As You Invest!


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